Thursday, May 15, 2003

Dude, you so rocked the mic like a vandal

Ok, i'm starting to feel the "I'm so close to being on vacation" vibe that it's not even funny, I'd kill to visit Naples this year, but going to a place like Naples is too costly right now. Maybe it's because I have a little coin in my pocket. Yay! I've been uber-broke for the past two weeks. Trying to get my shit together and get out of debt is hard work, you eat a lot of popcorn and your cats hate you because they don't get enough treats. But it's worth it when you have more than two pennies to rub together when you get your paycheque. Hell, I COULD put all of it on bills, but i'm going to buy some groceries and go see a couple of movies for a change. What's the point of working hard if you can't at least treat yourself to some food in your cupboards. Haha.

And, I bought a Ralph Wiggum lighter this morning at the gas station. I'm such a geek and I SO DON'T smoke. Haha. But it will come in handy for other things, I'm sure.

Other than that, today is fairly uneventful. I would like to score a movie pass to see Bruce Almighty I think i'll make some calls. And i'm really enjoying Blogger so far. I'm not very good at this html/programming/code/script thing, but i'm learning. You all have such cool and interesting blogs....I'm super-loving reading them. Last night I spent at least an HOUR reading two of them. Two! And I hadn't laughed that hard for a long time.

I should get back to work.

Cha cha