Friday, May 30, 2003

I haven't had a lot to say lately

mainly because i've been doing jack shit. That's what having a week off from work is for though I suppose.

Things I did do though

-saw the Matrix-Reloaded (cool special effects, stunned-Keanu Reeves)

-drove up the Sea-to-Sky highway in the rain, had lunch there with a friend, bought a cool pair of sunglasses for $3

-saw Coldplay and the Music
what a great show

-cleaned a LOT of junk out of my storage room
(now I need to find the energy to organize the pit from hell)

-got a breast infection, again...yay!

-decided that I need to find a hobby to occupy my over-active brain, maybe some kind of puzzle activity or cooking, found a site with thousands of recipes that might be fun.

-fell out of love with almost all of my friends.

-have spent some time reading the Bible not sure it's for me though.