Thursday, June 05, 2003

Great Bloggers

There are some very exceptional people in the Blog world. I'm starting to branch out and read a few more sites here and there and i've been pleasantly surprised. For some reason i'm reading a lot of stuff from New Yorkers. It's not entirely surprising to me. I had an on-line "love affair" with a guy from Connecticut that was born in Brooklyn. He had a lingering east coast accent that I always thought was intriguing and a little sexy. (I have a thing for that machismo-don't ask)

I'm struggling with finding a template that I actually like. This one seems to have clean lines and a basic format. I think I will stick with it and see if I can not change it just because I can.

The weather here is gorgeous. I'm trying VERY hard to not mourn my car's illness right now. It's difficult...I so want to roll the windows down, turn the music up and put my new sunglasses on. But alas, my car needs an operation and I can't afford it right now. It breaks my heart. My car seems to be the thing I like most in my life. I know that sounds sad, but it's true. She's my baby. Ok, try to not puke over that last statement. So, i'm back on the bus. The Sars express. I try not thinking about people touching every inch of seat or handle or bar. It's a breeding ground for disease. But at least it's there. I would be screwed without it.

Ok, I need to do some work. I've been interupted non-stop this afternoon and I don't feel like i've accomplished a damn thing.

Ta Ta