Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It feels like i've done a lot of work on this site

I mean the basic template is not mine and I can't code for the life of me, but I know enough to fumble around a bit and change colors and stuff. So I tried to make it look more like me. I think it looks pretty nice so far. How industrious of me. Haha.

And all of this has been done at work. Well, everyone here can kiss my fat, white ass...i've sweated blood for this company in the past and i've been slapped in the face lately. So hey, if they consider me one thing and they're used to having me be so much more and get paid the same, then they can get what they pay for. I'll be their glorified "data entry supervisor". But hey, if i'm too smart for this position and get my work down tres fast, then fuck'em if I play around on line a bit. Pay me a little more, treat me with respect and give me work that uses my brain and I don't have a problem being the ideal employee. But the slap in the face? Not such a good thing.

Other than that, life is just a big bowl of warm crap. The car problems never end...the landlords are complaining about my cat's "smell"....hello, they're pets. They smell different. So I went and bought carpet deodorizer and uber cleaned the litter box and vacuumed the hell out of the rug. I hope they just shut up now. I mean, they're great people and all, but it's ALWAYS something. Let it go. Christ.

Sorry God I promise to read The Proverbs when I get home later.

I'm stressed, so I tend to listen to sad, melancholy music. Or country. Or both.

My fave picks right now:

-Kenny Chesney
-Bruce Springsteen
-Kissing Jessica Stein

Ok, now i'm rambling, feel like I'm stuck in a bad book or something :-)