Friday, June 13, 2003

Good lawd, get me out of this place!

Shhhh...listen.... can you hear that? Listen closely! It's the sound of the life being sucked right out of me!

Whatever. I'm going to drink my Pepsi, fondle my breasts and play with my hair. That should occupy most of my time for the morning. Oh, and do a little work. But I stress the little part. This weekend should be weird. I don't know if my car's going into the shop or not. I think it's going TO the shop, but it can't get fixed for at least another week. And then there's the whole insurance hassle. I swear, get me in the room with that broad and i'll make her 'fess up about the lies she's telling. Bitch! My insurance goes up because she lies, yet I can't contest it? Haha. They don't know me. I can contest things with a look. I've perfected uber-bitchy Queen contesting with my stupid cow head. Cow head. Yep. Someone called me pretty girl the other day. I wish I knew how to take a compliment. I said, "me?"


Enjoy your two days of freedom!

We aren't in Cansas anymore I'm out.